Completing the Style Form

A Few Tips for Filling Out the Style Form

Being specific is key! Assume the judges do not know anything. The judges will score exactly what the team lists on their Style Form.

The team members must fill out the forms or Primary and Division I teams can dictate the coach what they would like to include on the Form.

Be sure the students know who created what. The judges will speak with each team member after their performance to learn how they came up with the idea, where they got the idea of using materials and more. 

Completing the Style Form

The specific Style elements for every team will be different because no 2 teams will have the same solution to the Problem.  Even the Mandatory elements will be different. 

It is up to the team to tell the Style Judges specifically what they should score. 

The judges want to give the team the full number of points that their efforts deserve.

Therefore, it is extremely important that the team fills out the Style Form with as much detail and specificity as the Form will allow. 

How to Fill Out the Style Form

The Style Form is there to tell the Judges exactly what the team wants them to score. To make this the clearest possible have the team fill in the form with items 1 through 5 listed in the identical order as they appear in section “F. Style” in The Problem. 

Mandatory Style categories are the first one or two elements. On the form make sure that these are located in the 1st and 2nd position on the form.   In the Problem, they are written in the most basic way so as not to constrain the team’s creativity.  On the Style Form, the team should elaborate on what in their solution satisfies each mandatory element.

Example 1:  The wording in the problem says “Creativity of the use of trash items in a vehicle”. 

The team should be specific and tell the Judges what the trash items are and details.

The team could state “Creativity of the plastic spoons to convey dragon scales on the dragon car”. 

Example 2:  The wording in the Problem says “Artistic quality of a costume”.

The Style Form should to tell the Judges which costume and state if there is a certain aspect of the costume that is to be judged.  

The team should state specifically what the team would like judged in that mandatory element, for example if only the elaborate headdress of the Narrator is to be judged for artistic quality, that is what the Style Form should state clearly.  Otherwise, the Judges will evaluate the artistic quality of the entire costume.  If only the headdress is fabulous, the score it would receive is diluted by the non-fabulous aspects of the Narrator’s costume. 


Example of a Style Form – lack of detail

As you will see, there is not much information or specific details for the judges to make a decision about their score. 

Example of a Style Form – sufficient detail

As you will see, the team provided specific details for the judges.