Welcome Judges/Officials

Welcome Judge/Official!

Thank you for volunteering to be a BIG part of the program that allows students to be creative and travel the paths less traveled. Your interaction with the teams are what they will remember for a long time to come.

The following training is for judges/officials ONLY. Please do not share it with teams.

This is the beginning of your training on this adventure of being a judge/official in Odyssey of the Mind. This training covers the duties of a judge, judging tips and information about judging positions.

The below link will open the training in a new window. Closing the window will reset your progress. If you wish to pause your training and return later, either leave the window open, or take note of where you are and simply click through to that section once you return.

Once you pass the test, you will be redirected to a simple form. You must fill out and submit the form for your training completion to be recorded. Your training is not considered complete until your form is submitted.