Only A Few

There are a few rules that officials see overlooked each season, BUT THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY Rules. There are 28 General Rules that apply to all teams and divisions. Be sure to review the PROGRAM GUIDE as a coach and with your team. The coach and team are responsible for knowing the general rules, the rules set for the season and clarifications.

Rules and guidelines are set for the safety of participants and integrity of the program.

A few highlighted rules. These are not in their entirety and the coach and team should visit the Program Guide for the complete rule:

  • Inappropriate content (Rule #8)
    • Nudity, profanity, vulgarity, violent acts, and ethnic/racial slurs are not permitted. 
    • The guideline question often given to teams is “would you want your grandparent to be there to see this?” If the answer is no then it might be time to have the team revisit this part of the presentation.
  • Weapons are prohibited (Rule #15)
    • Weapons are prohibited from the competition site and tournament venue. Team-­created replicas of weapons that are easily mistaken for real weapons are also prohibited. There are exceptions but read the rule VERY closely for complete details.
    • Staging Area Judges will make the determination if an item is allowed and this is the final determination.
  • Safety and Damage Control (Rule #17)
    • No part of the problem solutions may cause damage to the facility or injury to anyone. 
    • Attempting to create a specific effect with chemicals, the resulting effect must be safe and clean.
    • Unsafe chemicals and unsafe reactions are PROHIBITATED
      • NOT Allowed examples:
        • Mentos candy with soda 
        • Items that are excessively hot or cold (including dry ice)
        • Internal combustion engines
        • Flammable fuels
        • Lit candles
        • Hoverboards
        • These are ONLY a few. See PROGRAM GUIDE for complete list.
    • Foot Coverings (Rule #19)
      • Due to health and safety regulations at many competition facilities, the bottom of the feet must be covered by a material that is generally non-­penetrable. 
    • Battery Types (Rule #21)
      • Unless a problem states otherwise, only unmodified, commercially produced sealed batteries may be used. The combined measurement of any commercially produced battery, battery pack or battery charger is limited to 15″. That is the length, plus height, plus width, all measured at the widest point (excluding battery terminals) must not exceed 15″. Capacitors are not allowed.
      • Batteries have the potential to be used in ALL problems.
      • This is an area updated regularly. Reviewing each year is strongly recommended.
      • Review the complete rule for charging and wiring details.

Coaches and Teams are responsible for knowing all the general rules in the PROGRAM GUIDE. Be sure to review the rules in their entirety.