Membership Sign Use for Judges

The Membership Sign identifies the team and is a required element.  This element is included so that judges can be sure that they are evaluating the correct team at all times.

The exception to the required Membership Sign is in Virtual Tournaments ONLY. Virtual Tournaments do not require a membership sign due to the forms being uploaded online and being identified by name being included link label. In some cases, a membership sign may be a required Style element and will be included in the Virtual presentation.

The Membership Sign must:

  • Include the Team Name as it appears on the official membership 
  • Include the Team’s Membership  Number
  • If a membership contains any other information, such as Team A, Team B, and so on, that must appear on the sign as well
  • Be readable from 25 feet away
  • Be visible for most of the presentation 

The Membership Sign can be judged as a Style element if it is not already being scored in the Long Term portion of the Problem or as a required Style element.