General Clarifications:

These are updates, amendments, or further explanations of Long-Term Problem limitations, written by Odyssey of the Mind HQ and made public for all members. General Clarifications take precedence over published problem details and the rules in the Program Guide, so it’s important that teams keep current on all general clarifications issued throughout the year by checking clarifications regularly.

Team Specific Clarifications:

At times, teams have specific questions about a solution they are proposing.  They may wonder if the solution is allowed and/or if it will meet the requirements of the problems. These are questions that can be answered by submitting a clarification.

Before writing for a clarification, make sure the team:

When teams are unsure whether their solution is allowed within the limitations of their Long-Term Problem and the rules of the Program Guide, they may request feedback from Odyssey of the Mind HQ by submitting a clarification. The questions and answers remain CONFIDENTIAL and may be taken to tournaments, to affirm that a team’s solution is valid.

Clarifications may be submitted until February 15th.